What Comes First ?

“Sorry I can’t, I have to go to work right after school.” How many times have those words come out of a high school student? Today, the majority of high school students, who are old enough, have part time jobs. It might not get so hard for some of the younger students, but there are cases where high school seniors have two jobs. On top of that, they take difficult classes and have senior things to do; which can be very time consuming. It may become very stressful at times. Some of the students here at Tyner Academy, have two jobs to be able to help their parents pay bills or pay their own expenses. For example, Tahji Campbell has two jobs, one at Zaxbys and the other at Kids Footlocker, to help his mom by paying his own stuff. He says he tries to balance his time in order for him to get his work done. But it does become difficult when he has a lot of school work to do as well. Senior, Brakayla Sims, also has two jobs in order to pay off her car expenses instead of having her mom pay for it. Both, Tahji and Brakayla, take Dual Enrollment. So, imagine taking a college course and having two jobs at the same time. There are many more cases like theirs in high schools around town. However, not only seniors struggle with maintaining a job on top of school, underclassman also struggle with keeping up. Merli Lopez, a junior, works everyday after school in order to get enough money to help pay the bills at her home. With her two jobs she was also able to buy herself a car; so, having two jobs has its perks.