Student Spotlight: Merli Lopez

Samantha Pena and Litzy Jimenez

    A lot of high schoolers get jobs to be able to buy their own clothes, shoes and even little things like snacks. A good number of them become addicted to making money and end up dropping out unlike Merli Lopez. Some of you may know her, some of you may not, but she is a 17 year old junior here at Tyner Academy. Merli does not just have ONE job, but has TWO and not just for ¨fun¨. Merli works hard at work, school and home It’s about time she gets recognized for it.

    Merli Lopez works two jobs to help her parents pay bills, including bills of her own. She buys her own clothes, shoes and other typical teenager things, but she does not spend recklessly. Merli spends wisely and also saves up money from every paycheck to buy bigger and more important things. For example she saved enough money to buy her own car and her own phone as well, with no help from her parents or brother. Merli searched and saved up for months to find the perfect car to keep her from having to walk back and forth from jobs to home. Finally she found one and made a great deal for it. She paid it all in cash and now no longer has to depend on other people to give her rides from school to her two jobs and then home. 

   Not only is she just working at work but she is also working really hard at school to keep her grades up. Merli knows how to manage her school and work schedule which helps her keep her grades up. She has been able to keep a GPA higher than a 3.0 which some people even without a job find hard to do. She also takes all honors classes, which is not easy for any student, and she will (most of the time) have her homework done but always be prepared for class to learn. She hardly misses any days, so when she does then its important. At home she also helps her mom cook, clean and watch after her siblings.

   Between everything that goes on during her day , Merli also manages her time with friends and family . She is a responsible student and a hard worker.