Interview with Mrs.Gillum

Samantha Pena

Mrs. Gillum
10th & 12th Grade Counselor
Tyner Academy

   As many of you may have noticed Tyner has many new staff members this year and I had the privilege to interview one of them, which is our new guidance counselor Mrs. Gillum.

  Mrs. Gillum worked for 7 years at Brainerd High School before coming to Tyner and ¨was excited at the opportunity to come here knowing that the school environment would be different¨. She was aso excited at an ¨opportunity to work with a different set of students¨.She believes that Tyner “is a great place to be and the policies of the school” she thinks are fair. She also understands that “being a teenager is hard”, but says we “have to follow certain rules to keep people safe” and to keep the mission of educating students alive. Mrs. Gillum ,of course, did not always want to become a school counselor, but did always have a passion of wanting to work with kids. She always thought she wanted to be a pediatrician until she went to college and started all those science courses and realized that wasn’t for her. She also claims to have struggle with procrastination, just like many of us do, and still finds herself struggling with it up to this day.

   Since working with a mentor that was a school counselor and falling ¨in love¨ with her interactions with high school kids, Mrs. Gillum has never thought about changing her career field. Before becoming a counselor, Mrs. Gillum ¨worked in a hospital setting¨ doing ¨ER triage, like checking people in with the nurses and also worked in the dietary department¨. Although she liked doing all that ¨it got kind of boring¨ to her.

   Now teachers do have lives outside or school and apparently have some similar habits some of us as students have. Mrs. Gillum LOVES shopping! She even claimed to be ¨trying to curve that hobby¨. I´m sure many of us are. She also loves spending time with her family. Her family which includes her husband, Sterling, which is a firemen and their two year old daughter. Mrs. Gillum also has always lived here in Chattanooga, TN like many of you. She said she ¨tried moving to Georgia for college, but it didn’t work out” especially when UTC gave her all the money which no one would give up going to college for free.

   Mrs. Gillum would describe herself as ¨easy-going¨ ,which if any of you have spoken with her she really is, and trustworthy/ loyal because those go hand in hand for her. She says she doesn’t want people to feel like she’s ¨that person¨ that people come and talk to and then she goes and tells. A Lot of people have wondered about Mrs. Gillum´s arm, well she had absolutely no problem answering my question about it. She was born without her arm . She just got ¨used to learning how to do thing without it¨. Mrs. Gillum said she once tried a prosthetic arm in elementary, but she just decided to be herself, because after all ¨ït´s just the way God made¨ her. Mrs. Gillum also understands that ¨people just want to know what’s going on and doesn’t mind that at all¨. Mrs. Gillum has a very positive attitude and gives out great vibes. She is someone you wouldn’t mind staying around because she gives off the best energy and is very easy-going.