Ram Student Interview with Kiana Sanders

We wanted to get to know our new senior student better, so we asked her a few questions.

  • How are you liking Tyner as a new Ram? – “I like Tyner it’s fun. Students have the freedom of voicing opinions and making decisions, there are a lot of opportunities, clubs, and organizations, and students are really involved.
  • What school did you attend previously? Why the switch? – “Central; I switched to better prepare myself for college, have more involved college guidance, and to be more academically challenged.” 
  • What did you participate in at Central? -“Nothing.
  • What cubs, special classes, or groups are you involved in here at Tyner? – “Right now I’m in Spirit Squad, Yearbook, Beta Club, Student Council, National Honors Society, Dual Enrollment, and Life OnPoint.
  • What made you run for President of the 2018 class being a new student? – “It was a way to get to know my class and become active in my school.
  • Do you think Tyner is preparing you for college? – “Yea. We have classes dedicated to certain majors and Dual Enrollment.
  • What college are you interested in? – “UTK
  • What major are you most likely to pursue? – “Some career in medical or law enforcement.
  • Is there anything you liked at Central, that you would like to see at Tyner? – “No not really, the only thing would be being able to wear shorts.
  • What overall differences do you notice from Central? – “The environment is a change and I can tell that the teachers really care about our success.