Interview with Mrs.Gillum

Samantha Pena

October 31, 2017

   As many of you may have noticed Tyner has many new staff members this year and I had the privilege to interview one of them, which is our new guidance counselor Mrs. Gillum.   Mrs. Gillum worked for 7 years at Brai...

What Comes First ?

October 31, 2017

"Sorry I can't, I have to go to work right after school." How many times have those words come out of a high school student? Today, the majority of high school students, who are old enough, have part time jobs. It might not get...

Student Spotlight: Merli Lopez

Samantha Pena and Litzy Jimenez

October 31, 2017

    A lot of high schoolers get jobs to be able to buy their own clothes, shoes and even little things like snacks. A good number of them become addicted to making money and end up dropping out unlike Merli Lopez. Some of you...

Campus Life